How to Apply Vinyl Graphics to Your Vehicle


If you run your own at-home business, one of the best advertising tools you have is sitting in your driveway --  your vehicle. If you want to increase awareness of your business in your area and potentially attract new customers, you can have a custom vinyl graphic made for your vehicle. Here is how to apply the vinyl graphic after it is delivered to your home.

Clean Your Vehicle

The first thing you want to do is clean your vehicle. You don't want to have to fight against dirt while trying to get your vinyl graphic to stick to the side of your vehicle. Applying a vinyl graphic to a dirty vehicle will compromise the application process. 

Measure It Out

The next thing you want to do is determine where exactly you want your graphic displayed. You may want to measure and map out the location, especially if you want it centered on the side of your vehicle. You can use painters tape to mark where you want the graphic to go.

Tape The Graphic In Place

Take the vinyl graphic and tape it in place on the sides, in the middle and across the top where you want it to go. Then, adjust the location of the graphic and make sure that it is centered, even and where you want it. 

Apply The Graphic

Next, remove the tape from one side, while keeping the tape in the middle and the other side in place. As you lift the graphic up, pull the backing paper away from the back of the graphic. Use a pair of scissors to cut away the backing paper from the half of the graphic that you have peeled back.

Now, starting near the middle where the tape is holding the graphic in place, use a squeegee to push the graphic onto the surface of your vehicle. 

Work in slow strokes with the squeegee, pushing outward from the middle of the banner where it is taped in place out to the edges of the banner. You want to apply even, steady pressure. This will help ensure that there are not air bubbles under your vinyl banner on your vehicle. 

Once you have applied the one side of the graphic and it is in place, you can remove the tape holding the other side of the banner in place. Next, remove the backing from the other side of the banner, then use the squeegee as you did above to apply the rest of the banner to your vehicle. 

If there are any bubbles after you are done applying the banner to your vehicle, use a sewing needle to prick the bubble, then press down on the area with your squeegee to get the remanding air out.

You should wait at least two weeks before you apply any wax to your new vinyl graphic; this will allow the graphic time to settle. For more information, contact a company like Vital Signs. 


4 May 2016

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