How To Announce The Birth Of Your Baby In A Unique Way


Part of the fun of having a new baby is getting to spread the word of the marvelous event. Besides sending formal announcements through the mail, it used to be common to pass out cigars, and you could still do that. Written announcements are still a good idea. But, if you're wanting to try something fresh, announcing the birth of your new baby in a unique way would add to the fun of the event. Here are some ideas for you to share your good news.

Edible Announcements For Individuals - Who doesn't love to get a treat? And, a treat is even more significant during a special event.

  • Commission a baker to create cookies in the shape of tiny feet or hands. If you have a little girl baby, request pink rosettes as part of the design. Attach each cookie to a little note that says, "Sugar and spice and everything nice!"
  • For a boy baby, ask for the baker to add a blue happy face. A note accompanying a boy baby with the words, "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails!" would be a cute touch.
  • Another idea is to give everybody a pink or blue lollipop with a note that reads, "We're popping with pride and joy over our new baby!"

​Announcements For The World To See - Are you a person who loves to do things in a big way? 

  • Make announcement posters to put up on places like your neighborhood, church and office bulletin boards. Include pertinent information like your baby's name, his or her birth weight, and the date of your baby's birth. Don't forget to include a picture of the baby. You could write something funny at the bottom of the announcement, such as "See me for babysitting signups!" 
  • Put a large corrugated yard sign in your yard that declares your good news. If you order a customized one from a company like Design Four Inc, it can be ready fast. You can design your own or ask for help with a design from a worker at the company that sells corrugated signs. If you're in a huge hurry, then buy a blank one and decorate it yourself, using permanent markers or outdoor house paint. Corrugated yard signs come with heavy wire stands so you can easily place the sign in your grass just by firmly applying pressure until it's in place. Corrugated yard signs are very affordable, so you may want to get several of them.

​Don't forget to write down how you spread the word of your baby's birth so it can be included in his or her baby book.


17 December 2015

Announcing an Impending Arrival

I enjoy communicating with my childhood friends on social media outlets. Because I live a long distance from my hometown, I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. A few days ago, I was shocked and excited when I saw a social media post by one of these close friends. He and his wife announced that they were going to have their second baby this December. However, the way that they made the announcement was unique. They made a picture of their son sitting in the sand on a beach. They placed four pairs of flip flops near their son. Beside these pairs of shoes, they placed unique signs. When I finished reading all of the signs, I was able to understand the announcement. On this blog, you will discover how to announce a pregnancy with the help of unique, custom signs.