Updating Your Signage? Avoid These 2 Mistakes


After you secure a great shipment of exciting new products, you might be eager to show them off with a few new in-store signs. Unfortunately, sending in that print job without a little thought beforehand could cause problems. Here are two signage mistakes you should avoid when you design new sign work so that you can keep your customers interested and informed:

1: Plastering Signs With Text

Sure, that sign might seem like a great place to brag about your products, but plastering signs with too much text could make them difficult to read. Some business owners make the mistake of using signage to explain ingredients, included UPC codes, benefits, and manufacturer's claims—instead of a nice picture, a brief description, and a price.

The fact of the matter is that your customers might not have time to stand by that sign, write down the details, and put that sale on their calendar. Instead, if a sign contains too much text, customers might simply ignore it or figure that the reading isn't worth the hassle. Extra information might also mean that text needs to be smaller, which can make your signs difficult to read. Customers might not be able to see the sign unless they are up close, which might mean that people can't see that entryway sign from outside your store.

To ward off problems, focus on creating interesting, high-visibility signs. Only include absolutely crucial details, such as the product name, the price, and a high-contrast image. If customers have questions about the sale, they can always ask employees—who might actually be able to talk up the products.

2: Forgetting About Color Contrast

You might adore orange and yellow together, but how easy is that sign to read? Believe it or not, some color combinations make it much easier for people to discern text and shape from a distance, which could make a difference when it comes to your signage.

For example, dark colored text on lighter backgrounds is traditionally easier to read than light text on dark backgrounds. Also, stay away from text and background shades that are close to the same color. For example, avoid pink text on a red background, because it might just look like a shadow from a distance. After you make a sign, try viewing it from different distances. To save money on mistakes, ask your printer to create inexpensive proofs on cheaper paper before you print the final version.

Carefully designed signs might help your customers to prepare for upcoming sales, and they might help you to unload extra products. Visit a signage company like A 2 Z Signs today for more information.  


16 October 2015

Announcing an Impending Arrival

I enjoy communicating with my childhood friends on social media outlets. Because I live a long distance from my hometown, I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. A few days ago, I was shocked and excited when I saw a social media post by one of these close friends. He and his wife announced that they were going to have their second baby this December. However, the way that they made the announcement was unique. They made a picture of their son sitting in the sand on a beach. They placed four pairs of flip flops near their son. Beside these pairs of shoes, they placed unique signs. When I finished reading all of the signs, I was able to understand the announcement. On this blog, you will discover how to announce a pregnancy with the help of unique, custom signs.