3 Ways To Make Your Banner Better So Your Business Stands Out


Placing a banner in front of your business is a cost-effective way to use a sign for advertising. There are 3 things you can do to help your banner stand out, dealing with design, verbiage, and placement. Once you have these 3 factors in effect, your banner can really reach out to your potential customers and make your business stand out.


Always use engaging colors that instill eagerness, excitement, or curiosity in customers. This helps make your banner more memorable, and in turns makes your business easier to remember as well. Yellow is an outgoing hue, which exudes excitement and happiness. Green emphasizes health and new beginnings. Orange is all about energy and getting things done, whereas pink symbolizes acceptance and youthfulness. Use these colors as either the background or border of your banner to draw in your customers and convey the right message.


You don't want your banner to convey too much information at one time. Let people come into your establishment to learn more. Still, you want your verbiage to be actionable. You want your banner to say, 'Come see us now!' rather than, 'Visit us when you have a minute'. The right verbiage includes action words, such as:

  • New inventory/services
  • Buy today
  • Gone tomorrow
  • Sale now
  • BOGO
  • Wider variety
  • Unbeatable prices
  • New design/ownership

You want to make your customers curious with your banner. What new inventory do you have? What sales will be gone tomorrow? Give them just enough information to make them want to come into your store, but don't let your banner do all the talking. Your associates can do that when customers come into your business.


Finally, placement of your banner has everything to do with whether your business gets sales or not. Placing your banner above your business name may seem like a good idea, but putting your banner out along the street or in the parking lot is a better idea. By the time people see your banner above your building, they are likely already at your business, which means only your current customers will see it. You want your banner to be near your business but not right at it, so that you sign can draw customers in.

Attracting new customers with the right banner requires the right verbiage, design in color, and placement. Once you have these factors down your sign (from companies like Signarama) can be very profitable to you as an advertising machine.


4 September 2015

Announcing an Impending Arrival

I enjoy communicating with my childhood friends on social media outlets. Because I live a long distance from my hometown, I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. A few days ago, I was shocked and excited when I saw a social media post by one of these close friends. He and his wife announced that they were going to have their second baby this December. However, the way that they made the announcement was unique. They made a picture of their son sitting in the sand on a beach. They placed four pairs of flip flops near their son. Beside these pairs of shoes, they placed unique signs. When I finished reading all of the signs, I was able to understand the announcement. On this blog, you will discover how to announce a pregnancy with the help of unique, custom signs.